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The first thing that residents and visitors will notice upon arriving at Chester Place is the monumental entrance archway, which boasts of the British inspired design that runs through every detail of the community. There is also a landscaped entrance gate that comes with its own guardhouse, which is manned by a team of trained security personnel 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The entire development has a full perimeter fence for the safety, security, and peace of mind of the residents.

There are also wide road networks within the sprawling development, which remain flood-free even during the typhoon and monsoon seasons, thanks to the specially designed underground drainage system. There is also a centralized elevated water tank, which ensures that all residents will enjoy strong water supply in their homes 24/7.

Scattered around the development are immaculately landscaped pocket parks with gazebos, where residents can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors in comfort. The beautifully designed multi-purpose clubhouse is the perfect venue for community meetings, socialization with the neighbors, or throw a fun party for their family members and friends. There is also a landscaped children’s playground with imported and sturdy play sets and equipment that the community’s younger residents will definitely enjoy.

Another key feature of the Chester Place community is the adult and kiddie swimming pools, surrounded by cabanas and a pool deck where residents can relax and enjoy the sun. There is also a landscaped main open space with concrete benches and lamp posts, where they can hang out while enjoying the fresh air, throw an impromptu picnic with the family, or run around playing for a whole afternoon.

There is also a full-sized basketball and volleyball court, complete with pole-mounted lighting to allow for evening matches between neighbors.

  • Monumental Entrance Archway
  • Landscaped Entrance Gate with Guardhouse
  • Full Perimeter Fence
  • Centralized Elevated Water Tank
  • Underground Drainage Facilities
  • Wide Road Networks
  • Pocket Parks with Gazebo and Landscaping
  • Multi-Purpose Clubhouse
  • Adult and Children´s Swimming Pool, Shower Room, and Cabanas
  • Basketball/Volleyball Court with Pole-Mounted Lighting
  • Landscaped Children´s Playground with Imported and Sturdy Play Equipment
  • Landscaped Main Open Space with Concrete Benches and Lamp Posts
  • Promenade
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